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MTM Lunchtime!, originally uploaded by Tapsalteerie Farm.

Instead of a tin I used some reusable muffin liners. It was another big hit with the kids!
We had: carrots and celery with yogurt dipping sauce, apple sauce and a grilled cheese.


muffin tin monday

Since we had a fairly big lunch we decided to do mtm for supper.
We had:
tandoori spice chicken tenders with sweet and sour dipping sauce
corn niblets (from our own corn!)
apples with cranberries
and paratha bread.
Another big hit for Dandy!!

Muffin Tin Monday (first attempt), originally uploaded by Tapsalteerie Farm.

Theme- Shapes

Food- pickles (homemade of course!), kalamata olives (because they are roundish and Sophie loves them), butter crackers, sliced tomato (homegrown!), sliced weiners (organic!!) and provolone cheese.

To join in go to Sycamore Stirrings.



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